Ever think about something random? Then think way too hard about it? Human Robots, it was on my mind.

So I was thinking one day about something I saw on the internet (I know, bad idea). But what would an extremely high-tech robot look like? In our own fantasies they are near indistinguishable from ourselves, look at our popular films and stories.
In reality we build robots to serve a specific task and their forms typically match their function, think assembly-line robots are a manufacturing plant. If you need a device to move a heavy object from one location to another about a zillion times, maybe a big arm may be the best suited for the job. If you need a device to taxi a light object over vast distances quickly maybe a small flying drone would be optimal.

Now follow me on this insane thought…
What if you needed a robot for complex problem solving? Here is a real life example: I have a team of incredibly smart technicians and the most amazing feeling is when I return to the office after dealing with some type of hard project to hear about a problem that occurred while I was gone. “A” couldn’t do “B” because of “C” and/or “D”… I begin to problem solve and come up with a solution to resolve the problem only to hear: “Don’t worry we resolved it with “X”… I respond with a good job and continue with my work.
Some generic situations require complex problem solving, the ability to manipulate the environment, specialty tools, compassion, and communication. Some things just require a “humans touch”. Would that not be the perfect robot? What if I made that even better? Imagine a humanoid robot, that did all the above as well as repaired itself and can replicate!

From what I understand, our brains kind of function like two operating systems,
We have our subconscious that controls the organs of the body and vital systems, much like the firmware or Bios of a computer. (The white text you see when you turn on your computer).
And we have our conscious that allows for complex thought and communication, much like Windows or Apple OSX.
These are an exact match but they are close enough to at least provoke the thought.

What I am saying is we are trying to build the robots of the future, while there is the comical possibility we ourselves are advanced robots. If we were robots one could wonder what task are we being designed for and by whom. If we ever are able to create A.I. how can we draw a line between synthetic and natural consciousness? Would that be slavery to force A.I. to do our bidding? If life on this planet was “created” does that make us synthetic? and not natural?

Just a funny thought I had the other day. Get a book and do your updates, then update your regular computer.