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Are We Robots?

  Ever think about something random? Then think way too hard about it? Human Robots, it was on my mind. So I was thinking one day about something I saw on the internet (I know, bad idea). But what would an extremely high-tech robot look like? In our own fantasies...

SEO part one: Bing this!

Today was a special day, a great day. For the last 4 or 5 years we have been unsuccessful with getting our  business listing to be findable on the bong search engine. This problem had been solved as of Sunday evening (yesterday night). Today we had a flood of new...

Importance of Test

Hi All, Whether you are a Web Designer, Computer Technician, Programmer, or whatever (you get the idea) testing your processes and tools is a constant task that should never be ignored. This is actually one of those tests, this is a test within a test or a test-...