Few experiences are more frustrating than having your computer hijacked by malicious software that damages your computer, exposes your personal data, breaches your security, and if nothing else, wastes your precious time. We’ve all been victims from time to time, and our San Marcos virus removal service is designed to minimize the impact on our customers.

There are three tiers to containing the problem of computer infections: modify computer user behavior; install effective protection; seek help from a professional. The first and most important step is to modify your computer behavior, and others who use your computer, to minimize the likelihood of infection. This step is the most fundamental defense mechanism you have, because most infections have telltale signatures and can be avoided if users are aware and cautious. In summary: never open email attachments unless you are absolutely certain of their authenticity; avoid any email or web marketing or proposal that is “too good to be true”; never download and run any executable program that you did not initiate and that you are not certain is coming from a reputable and responsible source; avoid file sharing sites and services, particularly those that offer pirated software, music, and videos. Remember, nothing is truly free, so look carefully to determine how the purveyor makes money, and if you can’t determine a legitimate profit mechanism, stay away from the purveyor.

The next step in staying safe is to install high quality protection software. The best protection solutions do not come from the “household name” providers such as Norton and McAfee. These products often slow down your computer, annoy you with marketing promotions, are difficult to remove from your computer, and frequently do not even do a good job at protection, much less all of the other services they try to jam into the product to raise the price. As antivirus solutions evolve over time, ask us about our current recommendations. Remember, though, that none of these products are foolproof, and they should be treated as a SECONDARY line of defense, not the primary line of defense.

Finally, if all else has failed and you are suffering an infection, don’t waste hours and days of frustration trying to remove it yourself. Instead, rely on our Carlsbad virus removal service. Most infections that are clever enough to bypass not only your own “manual” detection, but also your software protection solution, are also clever enough to make themselves extremely difficult to remove. With our Carlsbad virus removal service, we will locate and eliminate your infections, repair damage caused to your operating system, and get you back to normal quickly – usually within a business day.

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