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Au Technology Solutions partners with NextLevel to provide you with the best phone and Internet services possible!

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Discover the convenience and power of the cloud with our advanced voice portal

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Our Internet services simplifies network management by adding a control layer to your network infrastructure

In minutes you can start enjoying all the advanced features, functionality, and analytics that cloud-based communications has to offer. Our phone systems has intuitive user interface and poweful reporting tools to provide you with the convenience and power that your business needs.

Phone’s User & Admin Portal

POWERFUL – The user portal is a simple but powerful way to manage individual features.
EASY – With a click of a button, employees can ensure they don’t miss an urgent call with features like find me/ follow me and specialized alerts.
SCALABLE – Not only can every user set up a personalized experience, but admins can also manage the entire system at any time, from any device.

Contact Center Dashboard

REAL TIME – Enhance teamwork and empower your agents to make better decisions by displaying contact center statistics in real time alongside historical metrics. 
DYNAMIC – Quickly get the attention of supervisors and agents with dynamic charts and threshod and variance alerts.
DATA DRIVEN – With powerful reporting tools, you can identify critical data and drill down to get more detailed information.


Your live answer attendants can get more done with our superior operator console tools. Ensure all calls are handled efficiently and professionally. Answer and stack multiple calls, quickly see a contact’s availability and create frequently used speed dials from any device and any location. The interface is so easy to use all your live answer attendant needs is an iPad and a headset.

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Simplify your network management by adding a control layer to your network infrastructure with our solution.


DYNAMIC MULTIPATH OPTIMIZATION – Optimize various types of internet connections, from asymmetric connections to high-capacity fiber to 4G-LTE, with application aware packet-level routing to achive optimal performance.
BANDWIDTH AGGREGATION – Easily increase bandwidth by aggregating internet circuits of any type, including inexpensive asymmetric connections, providing bandwidth elasticity and provider flexibility.
UNPARALLELED RELIABILITY – Link performance management ensures protection against circuit outages with sub-second failover. Ultra high availability achieved with provider and physical link diversity.

ONE-CLICK CLOUD VPN – Create a secure site-to-site cloud VPN with a single click. Additional SD-WAN branch offices are automatically joined to the VPN
– Auto-configuration and provider detection allow for automated out-of-the-box Quality of Service (“QoS”) policy establishment and bandwidth allocation to meet most common business objectives.
APPLICATION PERFORMANCE MONITORING– Continuous monitoring of quality performance scoring for critical voice, video and data application provides adminstrators comprehensive application and link behavior information.
PLUG-AND-PLAY DEPLOYMENT– SD-WAN edge devices automatically connect, authenticate and receive configuration instructions as soon as they are connected to the internet.