Hi All,

Whether you are a Web Designer, Computer Technician, Programmer, or whatever (you get the idea) testing your processes and tools is a constant task that should never be ignored. This is actually one of those tests, this is a test within a test or a test- Testception. This is a test of my website’s blogging potential, as a tool and a platform. I am doing this test to test how blogging can help bring more traffic to my website and assist my potential clientele in finding my website.

If this format works you may see a lot more blog-style posts coming from me maybe monthly talking about funny happenings, security warnings, and even good video games. Having a discussion may be something for the future as well? I wonder how often you all test your tools and future processes and how important you all feel it is?

This Test has resulted in me learning a good amount, a lot of good things like how easy this is; I also learned I cannot place images in this post for some reason…

*Update: Figured it out.

Dr. Bokscar, best IT Tech ever. The best at it.