San Marcos Network Setup

Au Technology Solutions is your best bet for solving all of your networking-related issues, including San Marcos Network Setup, San Marcos Wireless Setup, and San Marcos Computer Network Repair.

Our San Marcos network setup services for homes and businesses will bring all of your computers, printers, and other network devices together into a fast and efficient local network. We can also assist you in setting up network accessible storage devices for shared file access, firewalls, printer servers for accessing non-network printers, file servers, and other networking services such as Virtual Private Netork  (VPN) solutions to allow you to  work securely within your local network even if you are located on the other side of the world. 

Our San Marcos wireless setup services for homes and businesses can do all the things mentioned above, but also provide your wireless devices with the means to securely connect into your local network. Depending on your needs, we will set you up with the fastest or most cost effective wireless network solution and ensure that your wireless transmissions are encrypted and secure against intrusions.

Our San Marcos computer network repair services will examine your existing wired and wireless network to resolve any network connection and transmission problems.

Contact us to learn more about our San Marcos network setup and repair solutions.