Today was a special day, a great day. For the last 4 or 5 years we have been unsuccessful with getting our  business listing to be findable on the bong search engine. This problem had been solved as of Sunday evening (yesterday night). Today we had a flood of new clients, when asked how they found us… “Bing”. This was very enlightening.

Prepare yourselves to learn some SEO secrets on behalf of So much like Yahoo and Google, Microsoft has a platform for businesses. These platforms allow you to register your business with a particular search engine, you can use this platform to show type website, contact information, services you provide, products you sell, and even hope you are open. This all ties into SEO (search engine optimization) to help you get found by customers selling a business like you.

Our Google profile was fantastic, as with Yelp, and Facebook. But you could not find us on Bing, if you search for us by name you could find us, but not by general terms like “computer repair” or “computer service”. This sucks pretty bad as I believed in my heart that the massive adoption of Windows 10 could disrupt Google’s strangle hold on internet searching. With the last update to Microsoft’s business platform “bingplaces” I was finally able to find the correct business category for Au Technology Solutions, Retail: Computer Service, and Computer Repair Center. One day later twice the expected traffic in the shop. Reach out to me if this interests you, boring stuff until you start seeing the profit from your hard work.

Posting a blog from a cellphone… Truly the future goodnight.